Guangzhou Yellow

It’s easy to find yellow in a bright city. Often a city will neglect using vivid colors when the weather is sunny. Take a look at the different ways yellow appears in these everyday scenes. Observe how yellow provokes action. Find examples of how yellow can createe visual movement. 

The first picture is looking down a street. You see a brick sidewalk against a white wall. One thin stripe of yellow etches the middle of the sidewalk. It continues unending to the vanishing point. The yellow divides brick from wall. It connects the sidewalk to the treetop. The next picture shows a sidewalk and a much larger yellow stripe. This time its outside an elementary school. The parents stand at the school fence. Watching as their child walks inside. Making sure their beloved makes it safe.  

A picture outside a temple building. The gray temple adorned by gilt trim. The breeze flows between the window slits. The door painted with gold lace. The refined temple gold contrasts with the earthen bricks of the building. Those rough bricks served as warmth and protection. The gold gives assurances of a spiritual kind. A comfort for those in need. Inside the temple there is a pantheon of deities. Each gold statue gives a silent story of a buddha. The candlelight gives visitors a chance to meditate.

The next picture is taken on the mountain behind Sun Yat-sen memorial hall. On this peak there is an obelisk. Erected in the days of China’s rebirth. Its proud structure has yellowed. The stone has collected generations of sun. Absorbed decades of hot summers. Created during times of high emotion it has aged like the generation.

The next two pictures are walking along Shamien Island.  There are many european style buildings on that small piece of land. A glance inside gives sights of stately rooms, restaurants, and shops. One window reveals a lantern shop. Its merchandise suspended on the ceiling giving a view of this traditional art. The warm glow offers an invitation to those outside looking in. 

Red is often a compliment to yellow. The sausage shop reflects this well. The yellow lighting does not repel the sight of dried meats. Instead, it draws visitors like gold and red decorations. 

The final picture shows three small alters for burning incense. Cantonese people are more observing of spiritual festivals. They make room for display. It becomes a small place for exercising spiritual health.