Guangzhou Green

It can be hard to spot green in modern cities. But one a recent visit to Guangzhou I found it everywhere. Take a look at the different places you see green. You can see how people use this color to bring harmony to daily life. 

The old downtown shows its elegance with many tree-lined streets. These trees have endured many rush hours and they show little age. The bright foliage gives a peaceful canopy to citizens. The stress of city life diffuses through the trees. 

This temple is a haven for nature in the busy downtown. Trees, shrubs, bonsai are all thriving in this small courtyard. The visitors bring flowers as an offering to the various deities who inhabit the temple. 

This street features many small jewelry shops. Apartment complexes encircle the shops. You notice the tile roofs are dark green. Perhaps an allusion to the jade jewelry sold inside. 

At an old house there is a well connected to the river. The top of the well sits a small dragon statue. Dragons in Chinese culture are masters of water. This green tinted dragon is watching over this houses and its source of life. Across from the well there is a collection of chairs. These kiln fired chairs are in the old style. Placed in a courtyard they would serve as hardy furniture. Often you will see them depicted when having tea with guests. These simple chairs were once used for gazing at gardens. Now they become part of the adornment.