Guangzhou Blue

Blue is a rare color in nature. Even with artificial pigments it’s still tricky to observe. The color blue is an excellent accent to natural greens and warm yellows. See how blue creates a stark appearance when compared with natural surroundings.

Southern China reflects different hues than other provinces. The first picture shows downtown buildings shimmer in dawn light. Their bluish tint form harmony with the clear sky. A pleasing cityscape unlike stone or brick. 

The second picture shows ancient style doors. In guangzhou they have three openings. The first being an open door. This is an invitation but closing the wooden bars will keep intruders out. And still allow the fresh air to circulate in the home. The wooden doors feature the door gods Shen Lu and Yu Lei. Tasked with protecting the home they feature strong symbolism. Ancient armor and gestures denote their strength as warriors. 

The fifth, sixth and seventh pictures shows the blue tiled roof behind Sun Yat-sen Memorial hall. This monument to a revolutionary man mixes traditional architecture with modern materials. The tiles, woodwork and furnishings follow this vision. A blending of ideas to create a beautiful building. 

The eight picture is a small bluish piece of glass. It appears rather humble. Especially in a museum of wondrous artifacts. Come to learn its the earliest example of blue glass anywhere in all China. The ancients had a fascination with this unnatural color like we do today. 

The final picture reflects the local peoples love of food. One block from the hospital there is a street market for the dinner crowd. Makeshift tables and chairs are setup to accommodate the neighborhood crowds. People finishing work or patients in gowns all survey the vendors. Fresh fish or BBQ chicken seem to favor the god of outdoor dining. The most natural blue sky is a calming canopy before dusk.